Aydin ÜNLÜER has started his business life in Konya with his brothers in 1994 by establishing Aydin ÜNLÜER company which distributes alcoholic and sparkling beverages and carries his own name.

In 1995, he continued to increase his services by switching to the headquarters belonging to Mülkü Aydın ÜNLÜER. The rise of the company in this way is especially taken into account by the main distributor companies and the dealership titles have been upgraded to regional distributorship.

In 1997 Antalya / Alanya / Konaklı residence was purchased and the tourism sector was started. In 1999, Aydinbey Relax Hotel was opened on this plot.

Between 1997 and 2000, Konya Mazda Dealership and Swiss Insurance Franchise were established.

In 2001, the hotel complex was purchased from the Alanya Türkler site and the Aydınbey Gold Dreams Hotel was opened in 2003 on this land.

In 2004, the hotel was purchased in the Antalya / Serik / Boğazkent region and in 2005 Aydınbey Famous Resort Hotel was opened on this land.

In 2007, a large number of hotels were bought in Antalya / Side / Evrenseki and Aydınbey Kings Palace Hotel was opened on 2008.

In 2015, Konya / Selçuklu opened the Ramada Plaza Hotel Konya Hotel on the new Istanbul caddesi road in 2016.

Aydın Ünlüer company is working on 1 dormitory project to be opened in Konya in 2017.


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